If I want to be a summer nanny, when should I start looking?
We usually get our first summer families in March. We get a lot of repeat summer families.

Does ABC Nannies, Inc. place temporary nannies?
Yes, some families will use a temporary nanny if they are going to be moving soon, the kids are starting to pre-school/school or while they continue the search for the right permanent nanny.

How much do nannies make?
Nannies make anywhere from $12.00 - $20.00/ hour, depending on the Nannies experience level and education, it also depends on what the Family wants the Nanny to do.   Some Nannies get paid Salary instead of an hourly rate.

Can the nanny stay with the family longer than a year?
Most definitely yes, the longer the better! We have some nannies that have been with the families until the children start school.

What type of salary increase can I expect after review?
It depends on the starting salary. Usually customary is 5 per cent. You may receive bonuses for birthdays, Christmas and other special events that are important to you. 

Do some families provide Health Insurance?
Yes, some families do. Some will pay all and others will pay a dollar amount toward. Some families do not offer health insurance

Do you have summer nanny positions available?
Yes, Many usually for the school aged children.  

Is there a fee the nanny pays to ABC Nannies?
No, and if an agency charges the nanny a fee, go to a different agency.

Does ABC Nannies offer referral fee?
Yes, if a Nanny or Family is referred to ABC Nannies and a placement made,  the referral fee is $50.00 for each referral once the Placement Fee has been paid.



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ABC Nannies can assist you in finding a family whose childcare needs match your skills and experience.  

For your convenience, our nanny application is available as a PDF. The application can be downloaded and may be filled out on-line, printed and then mailed or e-mailed or bring with you to your face to face interview.