How do you get your nannies?
Most of our Nannies are repeat Nannies, either the children age out or the Family moves away.   We also receive a lot of referrals from our Nannies and Families. 

What type of screening is done for nannies? 
Phone screen, personal interview, reference checks, DMV Record checks and Criminal Record checks. 

What if I want to check the Nannies references too?
ABC Nannies, Inc. always recommends that you do check references on the nanny, it will make you feel more confident on the nanny you select.

What age nannies do you place? 
Must be at least 18 yrs. of age, but we place all the way up to “active” Grandmothers.

How will I know the right nanny?
Go by your gut instinct. You will know, same goes for the nanny. If any doubts, keep looking. 

How do I choose a Nanny Agency?
( Ask yourself these four questions):

  1. How long has the agency been in business? ABC  Nannies, Inc. has been placing nannies since 1994. And we love placing nannies.
  2. Will the agency provide me with a client list? We have a massive client list and families love to give us references.
  3. Will the agency provide me with a hard copy of the Criminal and Driving Record checks? We do! 
  4. Can I pay the placement fee after the trial period? Sure, that way we know it is working! 

Questions? Call Us!
(919) 872-3016


ABC Nannies can assist you in finding a nanny that will complement your family’s unique childcare needs. 

For your convenience, our nanny application is available as a PDF. The application can be downloaded and may be filled out on-line, printed and then mailed or e-mailed to us.